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Summer 2022

Social distancing in our hospitals

Social distancing is no longer required in our hospitals, and risk assessments are no longer required for room capacity, including in offices. However, it is important to ensure we all continue to maintain COVID-19 safety measures to keep our patients, visitors, and staff colleagues safe:

  • Continue to wash and sanitise your hands regularly
  • Wear face masks in clinical areas
  • Keep windows open wherever possible (especially in rooms where there are many people – although overcrowded rooms must still be avoided)
  • Don't come to work if you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Continue to test yourself twice a week with lateral flow devices if you are in a patient-facing role.

While we are all learning to live with COVID-19, we all have a duty of care to protect our patients, visitors, and staff colleagues. Please continue to bear COVID-19 safety in mind.

Face masks in our hospitals

The need to wear masks in public areas in hospital sites has been relaxed. Effectively this means that staff are not required to wear masks in public areas any longer, such as cafes, corridors or shops. In the University spaces where we work, masks are no longer required.

You must exercise your best judgement in areas in hospital sites. For example, if you enter a lift or are walking in a corridor where there are patients, you should be prepared to put on a mask at this point. This ensures that vulnerable individuals continue to feel safe when visiting the hospital. Please be sensitive to your colleagues who prefer to continue to wear a mask at work, for whatever reason.