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how to code your po requisition

(Please note that the advice below is a work in progress and may be amended or updated at any time) 

Once you have created and filled your shopping basket and brought it through to Checkout you will arrive at the “Edit and Submit Requisition” screen below. This is where you can check your order details and enter the Grant and Task code or GL Account code to show where you wish to pay for it from.

From here you can also select a delivery address and add comments or attachments to the order to be seen by either NDCN Orders, the Supplier, or both. You can also decide whether or not your PO will be emailed out to the supplier once it has been generated.

 A view of the R12 edit and submit screen

Ordering from a Grant and Task Code

To enter your billing information, you now need to select the lines using the check boxes on the left-hand side of the screen and then click “Update”.

If this is a single line requisition then this will launch a pop-up with the Billing boxes shown horizontally

 A view of the R12 billing boxes for a single line order

If this is a multiple line requisition and you are using the same Grant and Task code for all lines then you should click the top box (next to “Details”) and you can enter the information once to apply to the whole requisition. This will launch a pop-up with the Billing boxes shown vertically.

A view of the R12 billing boxes for a multiple line order

If it is a multiple line requisition but you need to enter different Grant and Task codes for different lines then you will need to select them one line at a time and add the information to each line. This will be shown horizontally as with a single line requisition.

How to complete the billing information

Project: This is your Grant number, 8 characters usually (but not always) beginning "HM"

Task: This is the Task on the grant, always beginning "HM"

Expenditure Type: Usually "Consumables", "Travel Expenses", "Equipment - NonCapital" or "Animals Costs". (If you are using an Outside Costs Task Code (e.g. HM0A, HM0B, etc) then your Expenditure Type must begin "Non-Oxford")

Expenditure Organisation: This is always "Clinical Neurosciences"

Expenditure Item Date: Today's date, selected by clicking on the calendar button.

Ordering from a GL Account Code

Please continue to leave the Billing boxes blank and to put a Note to Dept Finance giving the GL Account code you wish to use. Please also give the Source of Funds (SoF) code if you have one. The NDCN Orders Team will then fill that information in for you when we check your requisition before approval.

Whether ordering from a Grant and Task code or a GL Account code, when entering your information in the Billing boxes please make sure to complete all or none of them. If you only complete some of these boxes then the system will not allow you to continue to submit your requisition.


The “Note to Dept Finance” box can now be found at the top of the page. This is used for when you have information that you want to tell us in NDCN Orders but you don’t want to go onto the actual PO or be seen by the supplier. This could be asking us to use a GL Account (see Billing section), or any other information or justifications needed to help us process the order correctly

A view of the note to dept finance box with the title highlighted by a red box

The “Note to Supplier” box is found towards the bottom of the page, next to “Note to Receiver” (which is not often used). The Note to Supplier is for additional information you want the supplier to be aware of, such as a quotation number, special offer code or a specific batch of an item you want to receive.

A view of the note to supplier box, highlighted in red

Requisition Attachments

This is where you can attach any relevant files and supporting documents to your requisition, such as quotes or Sole Supplier Declaration forms. You can select them to go to the Supplier or just to the NDCN Orders Team.

Please note that any attachments that need to go to the Supplier will be sent to all Suppliers within the requisition and not just the one the attachment relates to. We recommend that any orders with attachments be processed on a separate requisition, on their own.

A view of the attachments screen

Submitting your order

Once you're happy that you've completed all the necessary sections and added any relevant notes and/or attachments then you press the "Submit" to send the requisition to NDCN Orders for checking and approval.

A view of the requisition submit button