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NDCN is a widely spread department, occupying space on the John Radcliffe Hospital (JRH) campus, but also with staff and students hosted in University premises. Local arrangements for first aid will be highlighted during the new starters' induction.

First aid arrangement

Voluntary qualified first aiders have been appointed in all areas. Names of First Aiders and contact details are clearly displayed by each First Aid box.

Additionally, the JRH site is covered by the OUHFT emergency medical response system (2222), which undertakes to provide a full medical response team (or crash team) within two minutes of a call being made.

Reporting an incident or near miss

Incident Reporting & Investigation System (IRIS) is the online platform used to report incidents or near misses.

Near misses are particularly important to report as they can flag an issue which, if resolved early, will prevent injury.

What happens after a report ?

The Departmental Safety Officer or Deputy Safety Officer will be contacting you to ensure you are well - but also - if required, to obtain further details on the incident and ensure that remedial actions are taken to prevent reoccurrence of the incident.