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Please follow our online induction journey.

First Day

You will be asked to meet with HR on your first day of employment. HR will undertake the appropriate right to work check, will provide you with your University Card and will confirm that all documentation for your appointment is in place. 

If coming from abroad, you may need assistance with opening a bank account. The bank may request a letter confirming your employment. Please contact with your current address at Oxford and your latest residential address abroad and HR will provide you with the letter.

HR will also be able to assist you with any queries you may have regarding working at NDCN.

Line Manager​ Checklist

​​When a new member of staff joins your team or group, it’s important to make sure they are equipped with the resources and knowledge to make an effective start to their role in NDCN.

The Line Manager Checklist outlines key actions to take before, during and after a new member of staff joins your team or group. Line managers will receive the checklist upon any new appointment.​ 

Health and Safety Induction

You will need to attend a Health and Safety Induction before access to our buildings can be given. Please visit the Facilities pages​ for more information.​

Probationary Periods

Your contract will confirm the length of your probationary period. The purpose of the probationary period is to ensure that a new employee is supported as they come to understand the post in order to achieve a satisfactory level of performance.

It is recommended that PIs and Line Managers hold regular meetings with their staff on probation. These meetings need not be formal, but a short record of the discussions should be kept. it is recommended that a more formal meeting takes place mid-way and three quarters into the probationary period (i.e. at six months and at nine months in the case of a one year probationary period)

When a member of staff comes to the end of their probationary period, the line manager should send a short report to covering the following:

  • Explore the level of performance against the duties (as specified in the Job Description);
  • Discuss progress;
  • Discuss any problems that may have arisen since the start of the appointment;
  • Identify recommendations, actions and training;
  • Future objectives;
  • Recommendation to confirm the member of staff in post.

This report should also be kept by the PI/line manager as it will be a very useful starting point for PDR discussion the following year. A copy should be sent to HR.