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Frequently Asked questions

What should I do if I want to repurpose some of my budget?

If you want to move budget between cost categories or use some for costs that were not in the original application, then you should first check the Terms and Conditions of the award. The research awards team may also be able to help, but if in doubt please contact the funder directly. 

I also have a GL account (HMxxxx). Whom should I contact if I have any queries about these funds?

The research awards team do not have access to these funds so please contact if you need the balance or an expenditure report for your GL account, or have any questions about how these funds are managed. 

I have a studentship grant (HMTxxxxx) and do not get a monthly grant report. How can I can I keep track of the budget?

Please contact the research awards team. We can let you know your expenditure and remaining budget and provide a full expenditure report if required. In some cases, we can send out monthly reports routinely, if requested. 

Whom do I contact if I need to submit an expenses claim for costs I have incurred?

Please contact who will be able to go through the process with you, along with a link to the claim form.