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At NDCN we take sustainability seriously. We have a group of environmental champions who lead the way.

Leaves on a tree with sunlight

We have joined the Green Impact initiative. So far, our actions have included switching to vegetarian sandwiches for all departmental catering, and introducing food waste bins in our new Wolfson Building.

If you are a member of our Department and would like to be part of this, then join our environmental champions team!

Top tips for being green at work

  • Bring your own cups to meetings
  • Switch off your computer at the end of the day
  • Turn lights off when you leave meeting rooms
  • Use the recycling bins provided
  • Only print when necessary, and try to use double-sided where possible




University of Oxford Sustainability Policy

University Re-Use Portal

WARP-it allows University staff to post unwanted (usable) items to share within the collegiate University.

Sustainable Travel

The University operates a range of schemes that contribute to sustainable travel.

Sustainable Suppliers

Many of the University's preferred suppliers take back their packaging and recyclable waste. Some have green products and other sustainability services.