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We aim to provide excellent multidisciplinary clinical care to patients with headache disorders and to pursue cutting edge research to better understand the mechanism of headache and find better treatments

Oxford headache centre

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Headaches are common, costly and debilitating conditions. Their impact on the individual and to society is often hugely underestimated. Headache disorders collectively have a lifetime prevalence of 90% and the World Health Organisation now ranks migraine as a leading cause of disability worldwide.

Headache clinical services in the UK are very underfunded despite headache being the commonest medical complaint of young women, one of the commonest reasons for attending the emergency medical department and the commonest reason for referral to neurology out-patients.

Many people who suffer headaches can be managed with simple treatments and by the family practitioner. For some patients however, headache can blight the lives for years or even a lifetime. It is important that this group of patients get appropriate care. This often means being seen by a headache specialist and having access to multidisciplinary care including pain management, gynaecology, psychology and physiotherapy.


The mission of the Oxford Headache Centre is to develop and provide the best standards of care to patients with headache disorders. We will also aim to provide teaching opportunities for young doctors in training and for general practitioners through lectures, seminars and clinic sit-ins. We hope this will improve and then maintain headache services in the UK.

The Oxford Headache Centre will also establish a centre of research excellence internationally. Several research groups are already engaged in the frontier research and we aim to encourage the translation of such research into patient benefit. We believe this will also re-invigorate interest by the pharmaceutical industry to develop better more effective drugs. 

Our Team

The Clinical Team
Zameel Cader: Consultant Neurologist (OHC Director)
Ben Wakerley:  Consultant Neurologist
Paul Davies: Consultant Neurologist
Alejandro Rubio-Diaz: Headache Specialist Nurse
Alex Green, Consultant Neurosurgeon
Tipu Aziz, Consultant Neurosurgeon
Claire Frampton, Consultant Anaesthetist
Peter Cole, Consultant Anaesthetist
Jane Quinlan, Consultant Anaesthetist
Jane Moore, Consultant Gynaecologist
Sarah Haynes, Specialist Physiotherapist


Useful LINKS

Getting seen by the Oxford Headache Team:

John Radcliffe Hospital OUH Headache Service

Oxford Headache Clinic


Patient Resources:

The Migraine Trust

Cluster Headache: OUCH!

Trigeminal Neuralgia Association

NHS Choices - Headaches


GP Resources:

NICE Guidelines for Headache

Referrals to the Oxford Headache Centre


Working in Our Group

We are working to establish a headache clinical research fellow. If you are a clinical trainee in Neurology and would like to develop a research project ranging from genetics to functional imaging, then please contact us. We would be happy to discuss support for fellowship applications to the MRC or Wellcome.

If you would like to study for an MSc or DPhil with our group please contact us.

For all queries please email: 

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