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Our scientists regularly appear on national media to explain the impact that our work has.


Scientific American, UK Biobank (September 2016), featuring Prof Karla Miller

International Business Times, Phantom Limbs (August 2016), featuring Prof Tamar Makin and Sanne Kikkert

Daily Mail, Anti-Memories (April 2016), featuring Dr Helen Barron

BBC, Brain Stimulation in Stroke (March 2016), featuring Prof Heidi Johansen-Berg

BBC Radio 4, 'All in the Mind' (November 2015), featuring Profs Stephen Smith and Karla Miller

BBC Radio 4, 'The Placebo Problem' (February 2015), featuring Prof Irene Tracey

BBC Radio 4, 'The Science of the Mind' (June 2014), featuring Prof Heidi Johansen-Berg