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FMRIB Graduate Training Programme

The FMRIB Graduate Programme is a set of courses designed to teach new researchers the theory and practice of MRI neuroimaging, from introductory courses on neuroscience and statistics, to MRI physics and analysis. It is an internal course available to students/postdocs/staff at the University Oxford and a limited number of nearby external registrants.  The programme is compulsory for new students at the FMRIB Centre. To date, over 300 participants have completed the Graduate Programme. Places are limited and, if necessary, are assigned according to need, with a signup process occurring in late summer.

It combines lectures with computer-based practicals, tutorials and demonstrations on the scanners. The core components are MR Physics and MRI Analysis, with additional modules on mathematics, neuroscience, IT and communications. 

The course takes place in various locations on the John Radcliffe Hospital site (see directions below). The course runs in all three University terms: Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity. The larger courses in the programme are assessed by regular weekly short assignments and written exams.


The FSL Course is an intensive course that covers both the theory and practice of functional and structural brain image analysis. Background concepts and the practicalities of analyses are taught in detailed lectures; these are interleaved with hands-on practical sessions where attendees learn how to carry out analysis for themselves on real data.

FMRIB and OCMR Magnet Safety Training

All FMRIB workers (even those not working with the MRI scanners) are required to attend a magnet safety course annually.  

Magnet Safety Training sessions are run at both FMRIB and OCMR. The FMRIB sessions are usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 10.30am in the FMRIB Seminar Room. The OCMR sessions are usually on the last Thursday of the month in the Seminar Room at 10:00am. For upcoming session dates, please see the FMRIB/OHBA Intranet.

University of Oxford Training

Oxford Learning Institute

The Oxford Learning Institute provides voluntary courses for university and college staff. Coverage includes teaching and learning, leadership and management, and personal development, as well as programmes for women and newcomers.

University of Oxford IT Services

IT Services provides learning technology support across the University facilitating a high-quality digital learning and teaching experience for Oxford students and academics. We offer a variety of services including WebLearn (the University's Virtual Learning Environment), support for Turnitin (the plagiarism awareness service), and podcasts of lectures, seminars and events. We also produce case studies on the innovative use of learning technologies, promote best practice in devising and supporting learning activities and develop open educational materials. In the training area we run the IT Learning Program, providing courses on a wide variety of computing topics, available to all members of the University.