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This is an annual event where we join together to celebrate the work of our Department, and this year we made the most of being able to meet up in person, in a new venue, and with an innovative programme.


The event took place in the inspiring Blavatnik School of Government. After a welcome address from Head of Department Professor Kevin Talbot, the event kicked off with the popular three-minute thesis (3MT) presentations by DPhil students from all four years. Everyone did very well to convey the essence of their research in an accessible way in just three minutes! The prize winn ers were

  • Year 1: Rachel Hall

  • Year 2: Roberto Bellanti
  • Year 3: Pablo Wickham
  • Year 4: Kirolous Hanna


After this, attendees could choose to attend a variety of sessions designed to get us thinking about the research and culture in our Department. These included a sessions on EDI, Impact & Mental Health, and the results of the Staff Experience Survey were released.


After a tea break the lecture theatre rapidly filled up for the guest lecture from Yves De Koninck.

Yves lab studies the the physiological, pharmacological and anatomical bases of the transmission of signals between neurons. He is interested in chemical mechanisms associated with the integration of sensory signals in the spinal cord, specifically those related to the transmission of pain influx.



At the end of the lecture Kevin announced Kevin presented the following departmental prizes:

Congratulations to all the winners.

The Research Culture Committee want to understand how research culture is perceived within the department to help improve our research environment. Please complete this survey, which will help establish an initial picture of Research Culture across NDCN. 

Kevin thanked everyone invloved in organising the day - in particular Niki Andrew.

We look forward to seeing you all next year!