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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: To evaluate the efficacy of Erbium doped glass fiber laser in patients undergoing nasal septal cartilage reshaping. METHOD OF STUDY: A prospective study was conducted in patients undergoing laser nasal septal cartilage reshaping. Microsurgical sponges soaked in a tetracaine solution plus adrenaline were applied in each side of the nose for ten minutes before the procedure. The cartilage of nasal septum was straightened and fixed in the median position using a modified nasal speculum. An optothermomechanical contactor with transparent indenter and thermocouple sensor was placed on septal regions of maximum mechanical stress. Patients were asked to evaluate the severity of pain during the procedure on a visual analog scale. A rhinomanometric evaluation was conducted preoperatively and postoperatively. All patients were asked to evaluate the improvement of their symptoms. All patients' data and potential complications were entered in a database and were statistically assessed. MAIN RESULTS: Our series consisted of 64 patients. Statistical analysis showed significant improvement of their symptoms and of rhinomanometric results. No complications or side effects occurred. The mean operative time was 35 minutes. PRINCIPAL CONCLUSION: Septal cartilage reshaping is an easy painless and bloodless method using en Erbium doped glass fiber Laser. Laser device LSC-701 (Arcuo Medical Inc.) is effective, safe and inexpensive medical equipment.


Journal article



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62 - 65


Adult, Erbium, Female, Humans, Laser Therapy, Male, Middle Aged, Nasal Septum, Nose, Prospective Studies, Rhinometry, Acoustic, Rhinoplasty