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A case of bilateral uveal melanoma in a 54-year-old man is described. On admission of the patient for a choroidal melanoma of the left eye, an asymptomatic ciliary-body tumour was detected in his right eye. A thorough general examination did not reveal any metastases. The left eye was enucleated and local excision of the tumour in the right eye was performed 2 months later. Histology confirmed the presence of malignant melanomas in both eyes. The tumours were of similar A/B spindle-cell type. The patient remained healthy, showing no sign of metastasis or local recurrence of melanoma 9 months after the date of diagnosis. The visual acuity in his remaining eye remained 6/6. Immunological assessment of the blood serum revealed abnormally high interleukin 1 beta (IL-1 beta) and IL-2 levels. Possible implications of these findings are discussed.


Journal article


Ger J Ophthalmol

Publication Date





228 - 231


Choroid Neoplasms, Ciliary Body, Humans, Male, Melanoma, Middle Aged, Neoplasms, Multiple Primary, Uveal Neoplasms