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Tuning the brakes - Modulatory role of transcranial random noise stimulation on inhibition.

Journal article

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The effect of pulse shape in theta-burst stimulation: Monophasic vs biphasic TMS

Journal article

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An integrated measure of GABA to characterize post-stroke plasticity.

Journal article

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Ramped V1 transcranial ultrasonic stimulation modulates but does not evoke visual evoked potentials.

Journal article

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A mean-field model of glutamate and GABA synaptic dynamics for functional MRS.

Journal article

Lea-Carnall CA. et al, (2022), Neuroimage

Cerebellar anodal tDCS does not facilitate visuomotor adaptation or retention.

Journal article

Nettekoven CR. et al, (2022), Brain Stimul, 15, 1435 - 1438

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