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Cytosponge™ for post-chemoradiation surveillance of oesophageal cancer: a feasibility study.

Conference paper

Levy S. et al, (2019), Ann Oncol, 30 Suppl 4

Validation of Electronic Visual Acuity Measurement Against Standardised ETDRS Charts In Retinal Disease

Conference paper


Patients’ intention to consume prescribed and non-prescribed medicines: A study based on the theory of planned behaviour in selected European countries

Journal article

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Adequate SIRT activity dose is as important as adequate chemotherapy dose – Authors' reply

Journal article

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Toxoplasmosis in female high school students, pregnant women and ruminants in Cyprus

Journal article

Liassides M. et al, (2016), Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 110, 359 - 366

The metabolic syndrome and coronaray heart disease: 40-years in the Seven Countries' Study

Conference paper

Parapid B. et al, (2015), EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL, 36, 116 - 116

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