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Atypical measures of diffusion at the gray-white matter boundary in autism spectrum disorder in adulthood

Journal article

Bletsch A. et al, (2021), Human Brain Mapping, 42, 467 - 484

Modelling white matter in gyral blades as a continuous vector field.

Journal article

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FSL‐MRS: An end‐to‐end spectroscopy analysis package

Journal article

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Challenges and future directions for representations of functional brain organization.

Journal article

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Use of multi-flip angle measurements to account for transmit inhomogeneity and non-Gaussian diffusion in DW-SSFP

Journal article

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XTRACT - Standardised protocols for automated tractography in the human and macaque brain.

Journal article

Warrington S. et al, (2020), Neuroimage, 217

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