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Multiplexed Echo Planar Imaging for Sub-Second Whole Brain FMRI and Fast Diffusion Imaging

Journal article

Feinberg DA. et al, (2010), PLoS ONE, 5, e15710 - e15710

Connectivity-based parcellation of grey matter


behrens T. et al, (2010), Diffusion MRI

Visual activation of extra-striate cortex in the absence of V1 activation

Journal article

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A general framework for the analysis of vessel encoded arterial spin labeling for vascular territory mapping

Journal article

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Baseline GABA concentration and fMRI response

Journal article

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Multiple Inflow Pulsed Arterial Spin-Labeling Reveals Delays in the Arterial Arrival Time in Minor Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack

Journal article

MacIntosh BJ. et al, (2010), American Journal of Neuroradiology, 31, 1892 - 1894

Measurement of relative cerebral blood volume using BOLD contrast and mild hypoxic hypoxia

Journal article

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Vessel-encoded dynamic magnetic resonance angiography using arterial spin labeling

Journal article

Okell TW. et al, (2010), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 64, 698 - 706

Absolute Arterial Cerebral Blood Volume Quantification Using Inflow Vascular-Space-Occupancy with Dynamic Subtraction Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Journal article

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Real-time adaptive sequential design for optimal acquisition of arterial spin labeling MRI data

Journal article

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Shared Neural Circuits for Mentalizing about the Self and Others

Journal article

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Steady-state diffusion-weighted imaging: theory, acquisition and analysis

Journal article

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Anatomical and Functional Connectivity of Cytoarchitectonic Areas within the Human Parietal Operculum

Journal article

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Separation of macrovascular signal in multi-inversion time arterial spin labelling MRI

Journal article

Chappell MA. et al, (2010), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 63, 1357 - 1365

A comparison of structurally and functionally defined human primary visual cortex

Journal article

Bridge H. et al, (2010), Journal of Vision, 3, 374 - 374

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