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Recent technical developments in ASL: A Review of the State of the Art

Journal article

Hernandez-Garcia L. et al, (2022), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Ultra-High Resolution fMRI at 7T using Radial-Cartesian TURBINE sampling

Journal article

CHIEW M. et al, (2022), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Where functional MRI stops, metabolism starts.

Journal article

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The Digital Brain Bank, an open access platform for post-mortem datasets.

Journal article

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Characteristics of articulatory gestures in stuttered speech: a case study using real-time magnetic resonance imaging

Journal article

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Comparison of seven modelling algorithms for GABA-edited 1 H-MRS.

Journal article

Craven AR. et al, (2022), NMR Biomed

Locally Structured Low-Rank MR Image Reconstruction using Submatrix Constraints

Conference paper

Chen X. et al, (2022), Proceedings - International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, 2022-March

Combined diffusion-relaxometry microstructure imaging: Current status and future prospects.

Journal article

Slator PJ. et al, (2021), Magn Reson Med, 86, 2987 - 3011

Early brain injury and cognitive impairment after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage

Journal article

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Quantifying myelin in crossing fibers using diffusion-prepared phase imaging: Theory and simulations.

Journal article

Cottaar M. et al, (2021), Magn Reson Med, 86, 2618 - 2634

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