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The Oxford Stroke Recovery Research Hub is a collaborative network of research groups and clinical collaborators with a shared interest in stroke recovery research. This newsletter provides updates about completed and on-going research that investigates stroke.

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Spring 2024 - This issues includes highlights on our rodent research, and the Brain Conference. 


Winter 2023 (Dec) - This issue includes information about the Oxford Stroke Recovery Research Hub, and the UK Stroke Forum. 

Summer 2023 - This issue includes information about the BRC Open Day, and Sleep Workshop that the team organised.  

Winter 2023 (Feb) - This issue includes updates about the Stroke MRI and Button Box studies, as well information about our team. 

Autumn 2022 - This issue includes information about the team, and updates on the INSPIRES-1 and Motion Sensor studies. 


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Note: The newsletter was previously used to update on the Neuroplastics network, but has since expanded to encapsulate the wider Oxford Stroke Recovery Research Hub, which you can find more details on here.

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