All academic publications published will be listed here

The HAVEN clinical team reviewed medical notes to identify additional variables that might affect decisions to admit patients to intensive care. The protocol for this phase of the project Testing a digital system that ranks the risk of unplanned intensive care unit admission in all ward patients: protocol for a prospective observational cohort study was published in BMJ Open in September 2019.
Systematic Review: Patient centred variables with univariate associations with unplanned ICU admission is published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (May 2019)

The HAVEN Human Factors team has been developing ideas around the concept of 'failure to rescue'. Their systematic review protocol is published in BMJ Open (April 2019). The review itself will follow. 

Work from HAVEN study shows quantifying oxygen therapy (using FiO2) improves National Early Warning Score performance. Published in Resuscitation, April 2019

The team published twice in Resuscitation (September 2018):

The HAVEN project was presented at the Intensive Care Society State of the Art conference, December 2017

The protocol for the HAVEN review of usability evaluation methods for assessing information visualisation in the clinical setting has also been published in BioMed Central Systematic Reviews (July 2017). The full review will follow.

The first paper published from the HAVEN project is the protocol for a literature review looking at clinical variables associated with unplanned ICU in hospitalised patients. Published in BiodMed Central Systematic Reviews, March 2017. The full review will follow.