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Lay summary for the non-contact vital signs monitoring study

Vital signs, including heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure are monitored in hospital to assess health. Normally vital signs are measured using equipment that has many wires and sensors. When attached to a patient they can be uncomfortable, and make moving around difficult. Often it can be time consuming for the nurses to setup and clean this type of equipment between patients.

A local company, Oxehealth Ltd, has developed a new system for measuring vital signs.  It is able to measure vital signs without any contact with the patient. The system uses software to process data collected from camera sensors. This system has been proven to work in some settings, but it is untested in hospital.

We are testing this system by collecting up to 48 hours of video data from participants whist they are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  We hope the data we collect will help to determine how practical it would be to use this new type of vital sign monitoring technology in a hospital environment.  We are also using the data collected to further develop the system and associated computer software for future clinical use.