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March 2019: Study completed. 

December 2018: Interviews completed.

December 2018: Intensive Care Society State of the Art conference. Poster presentation.

October 2018: European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Poster presentation.

September 2018: Stakeholder meetings for intervention development using Functional Resonance Analysis Method.

September 2018: Case record reviews completed.

February 2018: Structured case record reviews commenced.

September 2017: Patient and staff interviews commenced across three sites.

June 2017: HRA Confidentiality Advisory Group Approval (ref: 17\CAG\0063) and full HRA Approval confirmed

May 2017: REC Approval confirmed (ref: 17\WA\0139)

March 2017: Ethics application submitted

October 2016: Formal start date approved following completion of contract negotiations

November 2015: Grant awarded (ref: PB-PG-01215-36149)

May 2015: Grant application submitted to National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)