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Julie was interviewed for BBC Gardeners' World magazine for their series 'Grow Yourself Healthy'. The May 2019 issue focuses on how being outside and getting some exercise can improve sleep. Julie was also interviewed for a short news slot on BBC Radio Oxford on Friday 24th May.

Lauren Hall, reporter for ITV spent a few hours with Julie, Pete, and Matt Holdaway for a short news feature which was broadcast on local news networks Anglia, Central, Meridian, and West Country on 15th June 2017. This feature was also acknowledged by the team on their website blog which includes links out to the original patient interviews that were at the heart of this project

Dr Mark Porter from BBC Radio 4 Inside Health came to the John Radcliffe Hospital in September 2016 to interview the team about noise levels and the problem of delirium for patients in the intensive care unit.

In the broadcast on 18th October Fiona and Catherine talk about their experiences of ICU, and Mark Borthwick (Intensive Care Pharmacist) and Julie Darbyshire (lead researcher for the SILENCE project) talk about how common the problem is, and the importance of recognising it early, and what can be done to help patients understand what is happening.

The episode about noise levels was broadcast on 4th October. It is available from the BBC iPlayer and the interviews are at the end of the programme, beginning at 20:35 with a clip of our simulated noise recording that we use for training here in Oxford. There is also a transcript of the interview available on the website.

Lisa Hinton, our senior qualitative researcher from the Health Experiences Research Group and Julie were interviewed in early June 2016 by Claudia Hammond for BBC World Service 'Health Check'

Lisa & Julie were also interviewed for the Daily Mail. The piece 'Why are hospital wards so infernally noisy?' appeared in print on 14th June 2016.

To coincide with the publication of the related publication in PLoSOne, the University of Oxford Science Blog featured early work from the SILENCE project that explores what patients think is happening to them when in the intensive care unit

We enjoyed some media attention at the beginning of April 2016. Julie and Pete Edmonds (patient representative for the project) were interviewed by Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden on BBC5Live breakfast show on 1st April and Julie appeared later that morning on the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC2. Victoria Derbyshire later tweeted a short clip from the interview.

As well as coverage in the local press, a number of national newspapers picked up the story and we featured in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Sun.

We have also appeared in the Nursing Standard.

Julie wrote a blog piece for the Hippocratic Post at the end of April

The SILENCE project featured in the University of Oxford Science Blog at the end of March 2016