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Sleep 1


  • Want to take part in a treatment study to improve your sleep? We are looking for volunteers complaining about poor sleep (25-65 years) to take part in a treatment study. You will spend three nights at the sleep lab, get free access to Sleepio™ (an online self-help sleep improvement programme) and will be compensated for time and effort for taking part. Find out more.

  • SCOTIA: We are conducting a research study to investigate the effects of sleep on daytime functioning. This study is suitable for adults aged 25 – 65 who experience sleep difficultiesFind out more.

  • Do you have trouble sleeping and low mood? The SLEEPER Trial

    We are looking for adults aged 25-65 years to participate in an online study looking into poor sleep (insomnia) and how it affects mood and emotional wellbeing.

    The study is suitable for adults aged 25-65 years who have persistent problems getting to sleep and/or staying asleep, and who are also having some difficulty with their mood and emotions.

    For further information about the study and whether or not this might be suitable for you, please go to:

    If you require any further information on the study, please contact us at


  • Our aim is to determine how sleep affects cognitive performance and mood. The study is suitable for adults aged 18-30 years who are in good health, and free of any sleep, mental health or neurological disorders Find out more.
  • Our attention is often impaired after sleep deprivation. But is our attention also impaired by inconsistencies in our sleep schedules? Greater sleep variability is negatively associated with health, mood and behaviour. This study hopes to determine whether sleep variability also negatively affects attention.

    We are looking for healthy GOOD SLEEPERS, aged 22-50 years, to take part in a one-week assessment of your normal sleep and attention. You would be invited to come to the SCNI for 2 study sessions (each lasting 30 minutes) and will be provided with a watch which monitors your sleep to wear for one week.

    If you are interested and would like more information please contact Dr. Nicola Barclay at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNI), South Parks Road, Oxford on 01865 618671 or  There is no obligation to take part.

    Thank you!