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People associated with the FMRIB Analysis Group:

Group Heads
Head of Analysis & Functional MRI Steve Smith
Head of Structural & Physics Modelling Mark Jenkinson
Head of Computational Neuroscience Tim Behrens
Head of Bayesian Neuroimaging & MEG   Mark Woolrich
Head of Multivariate Modelling Christian Beckmann
Research Fellows
Research Fellow Jesper Andersson
University Lecturer, IBME   Michael Chappell
Research Fellow Gwenaëlle Douaud
Research Fellow Saad Jbabdi
Departmental Senior Research Fellow Tom Nichols
Postdoc Eugene Duff
Postdoc Emma Robinson
Postdoc Evangelos Roussos
Postdoc Stamatios Sotiropoulos
Postdoc Eelke Visser
IT & Research Support
Head of IT David Flitney
IT Officer Duncan Mortimer
FSL Research Support Postdoc Matthew Webster
HCP/FSL GPU Research Support Moises Hernandez Fernandez
Visiting PhD Student Anderson Winkler
DPhil Student Sam Harrison
DPhil Student Andri Tziortzi
DPhil Student Riham Satti
Adjunct Members
Adjunct Member Thomas Blumensath
Adjunct Member   Ivana Drobnjak
Adjunct Member Brian Patenaude
Adjunct Member Reza Salimi-Khorshidi