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We work to improve the clinical care and access to research for people with Parkinson’s, atypical parkinsonian and movement disorders. Our research has won us numerous awards and recognition in the international community.

Oxford movement disorders group
Connectivity in the basal ganglia

We are a unique grouping of clinicians, basic scientists and translational researchers working towards improved earlier diagnosis and treatments for people with Parkinson’s (PD) and other movement disorders.

Based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford our NHS service includes clinics for Medical Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders; Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders including MSA, PSP and CBD; Surgical Movement Disorders; PD elderly care; and Botulinum toxin for dystonia.

Our translational research programme integrates with our clinical service and focuses on developing a cure for Parkinson’s (OPDC), mechanisms of electrical dysfunction within brain cells, and Deep Brain Stimulation/surgical therapies for PD and movement disorders.

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