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Charlie awarded the Sieratzki UK-Israel Early Career Researcher’s Prize from the BNA

PI of the Physiological Neuroimaging group, Dr Charlotte Stagg, has been awarded the UK Early Career Researcher’s Prize, one of four prestigious Sieratzki UK-Israel Prizes for Advances in Neuroscience – an initiative by the Sieratzki family, supported by the British Neuroscience Associations (BNA) and the Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN). The prizes aim to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of neuroscientists working within the UK and Israel.

More information on the award and the other winners can be found here.

Charlie travelled to the annual meeting of the ISFN in, Eilat, Israel to receive her award on 10 December and then gave a talk on ‘The neurochemistry of learning, and relearning, human motor skills’. “It was a great honour to be awarded this inaugural SUKIS early career prize,” she said. “I am hugely grateful to the British Neuroscience Association, the ISFN and the Sieratzki Charitable Foundation for the award, particularly as it gave me the opportunity to travel to Eilat, meet Israeli colleagues and participate in what was a fantastic neuroscientific meeting. I am, of course, very grateful to my research group for all their hard work and my funders, particularly the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society, for funding our ongoing research.”

Charlie, 3rd from left, and the other award winners.

Charlie giving her talk at the ISFN meeting