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The University of Oxford is the academic lead institution for StemBANCC. This 5-year research programme funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) involving academic and industry partners across 11 countries with the objective of developing human induced pluripotent stem cells as a platform for drug discovery.

Oxford stembancc 2013 stem cells for drug discovery
StemBANCC Research Programme


1. Access to well characterised, genetically diverse iPSC-derived cell types for Pharma and academia in Europe

  • Provision of bio-materials
  • Provision of baseline bio-data

2. Disease biology with focus on neurological disorders (PNS, CNS) and diabetes

  • Recreate the cellular phenotypes of disease using iPSC-derived cells

3. Cell-based assays for predictive toxicology

  • Predictive toxicology (focus on liver, heart, kidney)

4. Assays for the study of disease biology, and compound efficacy and toxicity

  • Translating phenotypes into robust drug screening assays

5. Optimise protocols for the appropriate culture, differentiation, expansion and maintenance of stem cell derived cell-type

6. Foster the implementation of a central test facility for the maintenance of the bio-bank beyond the funded period