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How can we get patients safely off the ventilators following a traumatic brain injury or neurosurgery? How do we plan to avoid unnecessary re-intubations and prolonged ventilation? How could we reduce ventilator days and length of stay in ICU?

Weaning and Extubation in Neurocritical Care Network banner

Our network brings together an inter-professional team who are interested in ventilator weaning and extubation in neurocritical care. We aim to:

  • conduct interprofessional and interdisciplinary evidence-based projects, reviews and consensus statements on how to get patients safely off the ventilators in different categories of neuromedical and neurosurgical patients.
  • collaborate with critical care units within the UK and worldwide to integrate interdisciplinary research on this topic.
  • hold regular lectures and seminars pertinent to current trends and state of the art.
  • identify research priorities based on clinical practice and integrate cutting-edge neuroscience to answer difficult questions in this area.

We collaborate with Louise Rose, Professor of Critical Care Nursing, King's College London.

Founding Member Arun Joseph

MSc MCSP FHEA BPT Arun Joseph - DPhil Student in Clinical NeurosciencesDPhil student Arun Joseph is the network's founding member. Find out about his work in this interview.

Extubation in Acute Brain Inury

Talk to the Intensive Care Society conference 2023

Extubation in Neurocritical Care Patients: Epidemiology & Clinical Factors

Talk by Raphael Cinotti

Extubation Failure and Tracheostomy in Acute Brain Injured Patients

Lecture by Chiara Robba

Neurocritical Care: are we ready to extubate?

Intensive Care Society talk by Ms.Charandeep Malhi

Impact of Dysphagia & Dysphonia in Ventilator Weaning in Neurocritical Care

Lecture by Sue McGowan

Physiotherapy in Critical Care following Traumatic Brain Injury

Lecture by Janis Harvey

Laryngeal dysfunction and rehabilitation in ICU

Talk by Sarah Wallace

Ventilator weaning and extubation in patients with primary brain injury: evidence and uncertainties

Lecture by Shaurya Taran

Special Issues Regarding Mechanical Ventilation in Neurologically Injured Patients

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Paul Nyquist