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The majority of applicants to the DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences apply to work with a specific Principal Investigator (PI) on a predefined project. It is a departmental requirement that applicants contact their prospective supervisor(s) to discuss projects in advance of submitting any application.

Please note that some PIs may choose not to advertise any projects, so if you are interested in working with a particular PI and no project is listed, please contact them directly to enquire as to whether they will be offering projects or accepting students in October 2019.

Project Title Primary Supervisor 
Investigating neurological disorders using genomic technologies Andrea Nemeth
Investigating neurological disorders using stem cell modelling Andrea Nemeth
Role of Inhibition in motor plasticity Charlotte Stagg
Decoding dynamics of brain network activity Mark Woolrich
Non-sinusoidal and bursting oscillations  Mark Woolrich
Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's and Tremor Peter Brown
Brain machine Interfaces Peter Brown
Brain connectomics - mathematical methods for mapping functional connectivity Stephen Smith
Big Data Imaging - mathematical and deep learning methods for turning big imaging study data into useful information Stephen Smith
Mechanisms mediating circadian disruption by the modern light environment Stuart Peirson
Rehabilitating the visual system after stroke-induced hemianopia Holly Bridge
Understanding the development of the human brain in the absence of vision Holly Bridge