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  1. The Physiological Basis of Sleep
  2. Introduction to Sleep Medicine and Methodological Approaches
  3. Circadian Rhythm Disruption and Sleep
  4. Insomnia
  5. Sleep-disordered Breathing and Sleep-related Movement Disorders
  6. Hypersomnias and Parasomnias
  7. Sleep in Specialist Populations
  8. Sleep and Society

Both the PgDip and the MSc will cover eight teaching modules. Each module runs for an average of ten weeks. The modules provide comprehensive coverage of sleep medicine, based on the European Sleep Research Society’s accreditation criteria, and the extensive expertise available at the University of Oxford.

You will complete four modules per academic year. MSc students also have to complete two blocks of research methods teaching, covering scientific technique, analysis, science writing and critique.

All students must attend a one-week summer school during their period of study. This will offer a chance to engage in practical skills training, and an opportunity to connect with classmates and faculty in person.