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General Information regarding the compulsory one-week school held annually in Oxford


The week will run from Sunday July 15th until Sunday July 22nd.  It will be based in several locations in Oxford


The week will run from Sunday 1st September until Sunday 8th September.  It will be based at Somerville College Oxford.


The Online Programme in Sleep Medicine contributes towards the cost of this residential school up to a maximum of £1,000.

Costs included are:

Travel at economy rates

Basic Accommodation:  We will endeavour to supply accommodation at the chosen venue if possible

Information Sessions

We will be holding online sessions giving information about the course in 2018 (UK time):

Tuesday June 26th @ 12pm

Tuesday June 26th @ 7pm

Tuesday July 31st @ 12pm

Tuesday July 31st @ 7pm

If you are interested in joining us for a session then please e-mail our Administration team with your preferred date and time.