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The majority of applicants to the DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences apply to work with a specific Principle Investigator (PI) on a predefined project. It is a departmental requirement that applicants contact their prospective supervisor(s) to discuss projects in advance of submitting any application.

 A list of available projects for October 2018 entry can be found below. Please note that some PIs may choose not to advertise any projects, so if you are interested in working with a particular PI and no project is listed, please contact them directly to enquire as to whether they will be offering projects or accepting students in October 2018.


Project Title Primary Supervisor 
Mechanisms in circadian clock entrainment Aarti Jagannath
Molecular basis of pharmacoresistance in epilepsy Arjune Sen
EEG modelling in epilepsy Arjune Sen
Molecular mechanisms in Parkinson's disease George Tofaris
Brain stimulation for depression Jacinta O'Shea
Brain imaging of anaesthesia Katie Warnaby
Neuroimaging Martin Turner
Post mortem MRI and histology correlation in motor neuron disease Martin Turner
Mathematical models of brain decision networks Rafal Bogacz
Pathogenic mechanisms in antibody-mediated epilepsy and encephalitis Sarosh Irani
Mechanisms of sleep treatment in depression Simon Kyle
Integrating multi-subject image analysis across diffusion, structural, functional and resting-functional MRI Stephen Smith
Mathematical Modelling of resting-state functional networks in the brain Stephen Smith
Modelling big imaging data population studies Stephen Smith
Advanced Neuroimaging of Pain, Relief and Anaesthesia Irene Tracey
Isolating, characterising, and modifying multifocal motor neuropathy associated auto-antibodies for therapeutic benefit Simon Rinaldi