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Akshay Shah

BMedSci (Hons), BM BS, MSc, DipHRes, MRCP, FRCA, DPhil

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

  • NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Honorary Specialty Registrar in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

I am a NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Intensive Care Medicine working across both Nuffield Division of Clinical Neurosciences and NHS Blood & Transplant.

In 2017, I was awarded a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship to undertake a DPhil which I completed in 2021. The focus of the DPhil was on investigating the epidemiology and mechanisms of anaemia in survivors of critical illness and  and potential the role of intravenous iron as a treatment strategy. I was awarded the Intensive Care Society Rising Star Gold Medal award for this work in December 2021. 
During my DPhil I also undertook the prestigious Anaesthesia Trainee Editor Fellowship and contributed to international guidelines on transfusion strategies in non-bleeding with the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

My main research interests are in the haematological aspects of critical illness and perioperative medicine, in particular:
(i) Improving the detection management of anaemia secondary to iron deficiency and/or inflammation across a range of settings including primary care, acute illness and surgery. 
(ii) Establishing the risk benefit profile of commonly used interventions to prevent bleeding in critically ill patients (e.g. prophylactic platelet transfusions) and to better understand platelet function in patients undergoing major vascular surgery
(iii) To develop a platform for further studies using efficient data linkage of routinely collected healthcare from transfusion, primary care, critical care and perioperative medicine databases from the collaborations have developed with these specialities.