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Amender graduated at The University of Wolverhampton in 2007 gaining a BSc (hons) Human Physiology and Biomedical Science.  Amender moved to Oxford in 2008 and started working at the John Radcliffe Hospital as a trainee clinical physiologist.  Over the years she completed ANS Part I and Part II clinical qualifications and a BSc(hons) Clinical physiology (Neurophysiology) at Middlesex University.  

She has worked in a clinical setting as a specialised clinical neurophysiologist performing adult/paediatric EEGs (onsite and offsite portable recordings in ITU settings from neonates to adults) including ambulatories and telemetry, Nerve Conduction Studies and Evoked Potentials. 

Amender was offered a position at NDCN in 2015 where she has been involved in experimental and clinical sleep medicine which involves sleep studies (PSG and actigraphy), computerised tasks, questionnaires, ethics and recruitment processes, among other involvements.  

This is her first research position and very much looking forward to gaining more experience. She is thoroughly enjoying her time in academia where her clinical experience contributes. 



Amender Kaur Juss


Sleep Neurophysiology Technologist

  • Specialised Clinical Neurophysiologist
  • Honorary Assistant Psychologist

Interests: Adult & Paediatric EEG, Sleep & Epilepsy Disorders, Muscle/Nerve diseases, Psychology,   

Involvements include:

  • Oxford Wellbeing Life Experience & Sleep Survey (OWLS)
  • Research Collaborations
  • Link between sleep and daytime functioning
  • Public engagement events 
  • Sleep EEG in Sjogrens Syndrome
  • Summer school 
  • EEG sleep scoring 
  • Sleep & cognition following dCBTi therapy
  • PSG setup and Actigraphy Analysis
  • Work experiences morning/afternoons
  • Sleep & Circadian rhythms - Psychotic features in mental illness