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Ben Dean

Assistant Departmental Administrator


In my role, i'm responsible for day-to-day, and longer term, management of the Department through the ability to provide high-level administrative support both within the Admin team and NDCN in general. The role gives significant input into the Department’s strategic planning and development, and contributes to the wider management of NDCN’s administrative procedures. Here are just some of the things i'm involved with:

I work as part of the Strategic Administrative Group (alongside the Head and Deputy Head of Admin & Finance (HAF, DHAF), Executive Officer and the HR Officer), which plans and delivers efficient and cost-effective administration across all areas of the Department.

I manage the Department’s 10 committees, including the preparation of SOPs of committee procedures for chairs and secretaries. I also have direct secretarial responsibility for the committees of the Senior Management Group, the Finance Committee and the Conflict of Interest Committee.

I am also responsible for managing the University’s ‘Act on Acceptance’ (AOA) initiative in NDCN, complementing monthly missives through internal communications with tailored assistance to PIs and research groups through presentations and one-to-one meetings. Supplementing this advice through regular consultation with the Symplectic and Bodleian teams, as well as other MSD Departmental Administrators, I present information on Open Access to the Department.

Finally, I am NDCN's Sports Hub Director, where I manage and coordinate NDCN's sporting endeavours across 8 current sporting endeavours, including captaining the NDCN Cricket Team. The idea of the Sports Hub is to get members of the Department meeting each other and working together through team sports and sporting activities. If you have a sport that you'd like NDCN to play, please get in touch.