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Caitlin O'Brien


DPhil Student

The purpose of my research is to devise a method for measuring quantitative localized oxygen extraction fraction in brain using MRI methods.

Oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) is a measure of the fraction of oxygenated haemoglobin in the venous vasculature relative to the arterial vasculature. In cerebrovascular disease, such as stroke, the OEF can become abnormal. In particular in ischaemic stroke, the tissue surrounding the blood clot is expected to have elevated OEF, a compensatory mechanism when blood flow is compromised. Identification of this tissue is important in assessing patient treatment and outcome and is therefore a theraputic target in the clinic. 

In my current work I am developing a sequence we have named Selective Localised T2-Relaxation-Under-Spin-Tagging (SL-TRUST) with the aim to measure OEF of large tissue voxels in the brain. 



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