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I completed an honours degree in psychology at the University of Glasgow in 2008. Later that year I began studying for my Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Colin Espie. I was awarded a Ph.D. in psychological medicine in 2012. My research focused on defining phenotypical vulnerability to insomnia, investigating the interaction between personality, coping style and physiological response to stress (cortisol, fMRI, heart-rate).

Christopher-James Harvey


Departmental Lecturer

Current Role

 I have recently developed and currently lecture on The Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine. This is an online, post-graduate course aimed at health-care professionals who wish to further their understanding of sleep, sleep disorders and treatments. The course is currently accepting applications for academic year 2017-18. Visit the website for more information or contact the team here .

I am also involved in the 'Teensleep' project. Funded by the Wellcome Trust and Education Endowment Fund. The project currently focuses on the effect of an education intervention about sleep, on sleep and then academic attainment and health outcomes in adolescents.

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