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Christopher Uy

MD FRCPC (Neurology)

Clinical Research Fellow


Christopher is an MD currently working as a Clinical Research Fellow in the Autoimmune Neurology Group with Professor Sarosh Irani. He completed his undergraduate medical training and residency in Neurology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. His interest is in autoimmune disorders of the central nervous system, specifically antibody-mediated encephalitis. He is completing a Clinical Fellowship in Neuroinflammatory Disorders under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Traboulsee in the UBC Multiple Sclerosis & Neuromyelitis Optica Clinic and was awarded a Friedman Scholarship to complete a year of further training and clinical research with the Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Group. His research will focus on characterizing and describing the clinical phenotypes, treatment, relapses, and prognosis of patients with CASPR2 and LGI1 encephalitis. His hope is that this work will lead to earlier recognition, earlier treatment with disease-specific therapies, and thus, improved outcomes in patients with antibody-mediated encephalitis.