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David Pedrosa

Clinical Research Fellow

I am a German medical doctor on a research fellowship in Oxford. With a background in neurology and particularly in tremor and other movement disorders, I have been engaged in clinical as well as basic science projects before. My current research focuses on electrophysiological recordings at different brain regions and different imaging modalities on patients suffering from essential tremor. My aim is to analyse the abnormal interplay of multiple sites within the brain for a clearer understanding of the origin of these unvoluntary rhythmic oscillations.

I am grateful to enjoy active collaborations with a number of outstanding research groups, including Carsten Eggers (Neuroimaging in Movement Disorders, University Hospital of Cologne) and Lars Timmermann (Movement Disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation, University Hospital of Cologne) and Marc Tittgemeyer (Cortical Networks, Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research).