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Francesca Bowring

Project Manager

Following completion of her BSc (Hons) in Adult Nursing from Oxford Brookes University, Francesca started her career as a Neurosurgical Scrub Nurse at the John Radcliffe Hospital, going on to work for Guys and St Thomas’ Trust as an emergency theatre nurse with a speciality in Orthopaedics.

Francesca commenced her MSc in Evidence Based Healthcare (EBH) at University College London in 2017. Her passion for this area grew after being head hunted for a medical devices company where she worked for 2 years, training clinicians and nurses on medical devices and offering clinical and sales support. During her time as a sales associate she was able to observe and compare clinical practice across the country, developing her interest in EBH, research and implementation. Whilst in this position she also worked closely with Great Ormond Street Hospital Neuro team to develop a subgaleal gravity drainage system.

Following her decision to commence a masters in EBH, Francesca went on to a position as a Clinical Research Nurse for Neurodegenerative disorders where she first started her research career. Working for the NIHR, Francesca co-ordinated several studies including close work with commercial drug companies and Research Organisations.

Francesca joined the CENTRE-PD team in October 2017 as project manager. This is an Horizon 2020 project, sharing expertise with colleagues in Germany and Luxembourg.