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Research groups

Holly Bridge

MA, MSc, DPhil

Professor of Neuroscience

  • Chair of Public Engagement and Communications Committee

Neuroimaging of the visual system in health and disease

My research uses non-invasive human brain imaging to understand the organisation of the visual system in both people with normal vision and those who have abnormal visual function.

I perform research in two main groups of subjects: people who are blind due to anophthalmia (absence of the eyes) and people who have suffered damage to their visual cortex due to a stroke, trauma or following brain tumours. To investigate these groups, I use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the changes in the function of the visual areas as well as structural differences and changes in connectivity. 

I hope that in the long term it will be possible to use our understanding of the changes in the brain following damage to allow intervention to maximise the remaining vision for these patients, reducing the potential impact on daily living.

While our group has a population of blind subjects and patients with damage to the visual cortex, we are always interested in meeting new patients. If you think you may be interested in taking part in some of our studies, please use my contact details to get in touch.

I am also a stipendiary lecturer at New College, Oxford, teaching Neuroscience to undergraduates in medicine, biomedical sciences and psychology.