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2017-present: Fulbright Visiting Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania (under Prof. Phil Gehrman).

2016: Visiting Research Fellow, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand (under Prof. Philippa Gander).

2015-present: Honorary Assistant Psychologist, Oxford Early Intervention Service (under Dr. Louise Johns).

2013-2017: D.Phil. Candidate in Clinical Neuroscience (supervised by Dr. Katharina Wulff).

2013: Research Assistant, Nuffield Department of Opthamology, (under Dr. Katharina Wulff). 

2007-2012: MA in Psychology, University of Glasgow (First Class). 

Jan Cosgrave


Honorary Research Fellow

Research Interests

My research interests primarily surround gaining understanding of the sleep and circadian indicators of psychotic-like experiences (PLEs) in subclinical and high-risk populations.

My doctoral thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Katharina Wulff, explored the roles of subjective perception and objective markers of sleep (and how these can interact) in the formation of psychiatric symptomatology, with a focus on PLEs. Alongside this research, I have also worked in the Oxford Early Invention Service as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist with Dr. Louise Johns, specialising in sleep related complaints in psychosis. 

I have recently completed my PhD and am currently on a Fulbright scholarship at University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Prof. Phil Gehrman. Here I am recruiting patients with first episode psychosis and gathering high resolution data on both their sleep and positive experiences to understand the relationship between the two.


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