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Johanna Vannesjo

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

My research is focused on two main areas of interest. One topic is to develop methods for functional MRI of the spinal cord at ultra-high field. This poses a number of technical challenges related to spinal cord anatomy. As it is a small structure, high resolution imaging is required to resolve fine details, and the image quality is often compromised by local magnetic field distortions and dynamic field fluctuations due to its close proximity to the thorax. This connects to the second major topic of my research - improving static and dynamic field fidelity in the MR scanner. To address static field distortions and physiological field fluctuations I work on a technique called dynamic shimming. This requires dynamic waveform control of the shim fields, such as is normally used for gradient fields in MRI. Neither gradient nor shim field dynamics is perfect, however. I further investigate methods to correct for dynamic field deviations using NMR-based magnetic field sensors to measure the dynamic characteristics of the gradient and shim fields.

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