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Maddie Welland

Pronouns she/her

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Wellcome EDI Officer

I work across the Wellcome Centres for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN), Ethics and Humanities (WEH) and Human Genetics (WHG), with my primary base at WIN. 

I have co-designed and managed the ISSF Research Culture Enhancement funded Inclusive Leadership Programme (ILP). The programme pilot took place March '22-'23 with a cohort of 15 senior PIs from NDCN, WIN, WEH and WHG. 

ILP Programme objectives: 

  • Identify areas of improvement specific to individual PI and their team. 

  • Build foundational knowledge to create and sustain inclusive environments. 

  • Build confidence to approaching sensitive issues to foster inclusion. 

  • Actively nurture team inclusivity through best practices and a collaborative project. 

ILP elements: 

  1. An inclusion-focused 360° feedback review and associated coaching. 

  1. Training on management skills, bullying and harassment, EDI, and mental health.  

  1. A commitment to adopt inclusive best practices of the PI’s choosing.  

  1. An inclusion project developed collaboratively with the PI’s team.  

Our Wellcome-funded Mental Health project, beginning Spring 2023, will bring together staff and students from all Centres to participate in focus groups and inform our approach to accessible and inclusive mental health support.

I currently sit on the following committees:

WIN EDI Committee

Oxford Neurosciences EDI Committee

NDCN EDI Committee

WHG EDI Committee