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Marta Weronika Wronikowska

Human Factors Research Assistant

Marta joined the team in May 2017 and as Human Factors Research Assistant, her tasks rely on applying her knowledge of human factors tools and methods to the design, development, and testing of visual systems, which combine information from several sources and present meaningful data to users.

Marta moderates user research sessions and is responsible for the whole process from session design, data gathering, analyse of results to the presentation of qualitative and quantitative data. Methodologies have to be designed with the end user in mind, the end users vary from scientists from a variety of academic backgrounds, as well as NHS frontline staff.

Marta collaborates with the CCRG team in writing research publications and presenting research results at conferences. The research projects that Marta works on are collaborative so planning and roll out of work is done with colleagues in partner institutions, and research groups within the UK. 

Current projects for the group include Wellcome Trust and Department of Health funded Hospital Alerting via Electronic Noticeboard (HAVEN) funded though the Research for Patient Benefit stream. The research group is also part of an active research theme within the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, running a number of digital health and technology studies with patients both in hospital and at home.

Marta’s own academic interests focus on cognitive decision-making under risk, risk perception, human and organisational preferences, human-computer interaction, user experience, information processing and individual (patient/worker) and organisation safety improvement.

As part of her DPhil in Psychology and Cognitive Science (Faculty of Psychology and Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome). Marta investigated the decisions from experience, decisions from description and risk perception in cognitive decision-making during emergency management of Italian and Polish nuclear reactor staffs.

She is working for and supporting projects developed within the Critical Care Research Groups.