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Mayida Azhar


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

My current research focuses on understanding the role of various genes and associated alleles in Multiple sclerosis. I am interested in studying the changes in gene expression as a result of transcriptome heterogeneity at various stages of the disease. 

A major determinant of each cell’s function is its transcriptional program and analysis of the single cell’s transcriptome can reveal hidden variation in gene expression. Genome wide association studies for MS have identified multiple genes whose variation contributes to the disease risk. To this end, I am using Drop-seq, a microfluidic droplet based technique to perform large-scale analysis of single cell transcriptomes to get initial insights into the changes of gene expression as a result of certain SNPs or mutations.

I joined Prof Lars Fugger’s lab in November 2015 after completing my doctorate at department of Genetics, University of Cambridge. My PhD research focused on the role of Amyloid beta protein in Alzheimer’s disease.