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Moritz Moeller

DPhil Student

Moritz originally graduated with a B.Sc. in Physics from the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany, where he studied the generation of gravitational waves in a novel, post-Einsteinian theory of gravity. In 2017, Moritz completed a Master of Advanced Study (MA.St.) in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, from where he graduated with distinction. Whilst in Cambridge, Moritz wrote an essay on deep reinforcement learning, which sparked his interest in the mathematics of learning and decision making in the brain.

In October 2017, Moritz joined the Unit as an MRC-funded D.Phil. student under the supervision of Associate Professor Rafal Bogacz. Moritz’s thesis research is focused on decision processes in basal ganglia; he studies a unification of reinforcement learning with the drift-diffusion model.