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Nele Demeyere

Nele Demeyere

Nele Demeyere

Associate Professor

  • Senior Research Fellow ( NIHR Advanced Fellowship)

As head of the Translational Neuropsychology Group, I lead a programme of work on cognitive impairments in stroke, including investigating differential long-term outcomes and developing clinically applicable cognitive screening tools, such as the Oxford Cognitive Screen. I am Chief Investigator of three NIHR UK Clinical Research Network portfolio studies, and lead the Cognitive Screening programme at the John Radcliffe Hospital Acute Stroke Unit. My primary research interests are in cognitive neuropsychology, including the impact and nature of cognitive impairments post stroke, with a particular affinity for attentional and executive processes. I am also interested in how neuropsychological profiles can link to assessments of mental capacity.

In my group we cover research along the translational axis, from fundamental studies into the mechanisms underlying visuo-spatial neglect over lesion-function mapping studies using large cohort clinical scans to applied studies on developing clinical tools for cognitive screening and assessment. Our post-stroke cognitive screening programme has been running continuously since 2012, gathering cognitive, stroke and demographic data at several time points in effort to highlight different trajectories. More broadly, we support nationwide cognitive screening of stroke patients through the implementation of our Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS) into clinical settings.



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