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Olivia Faull

DPhil, BPhEd(Hons), BSc

Honorary Postdoctoral Researcher

Respiratory control and perception of breathlessness

My research focusses on human respiratory control and perceptions of breathlessness. Having studied exercise physiology and neuroscience as an undergraduate in New Zealand, I am particularly interested in brain adaptations in response to endurance exercise training, and how these may alter our ventilatory perceptions for changes in performance.

We are using ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at 7 Tesla to investigate specific targets in the brain that we think are key in our breathing perceptions, and may contribute to the intensity and anxiety of perceived breathlessness. We take a very rigorous approach to our analysis methods in functional MRI (fMRI), as both ultra-high field scanning and breathing stimuli are subject to various forms of noise. We have developed a processing pipeline to account for much of this noise, and pay particular attention to aspects of analysis such as registration, which can become more problematic at ultra-high field.

As well as this research I also am involved with teaching on the FMRIB graduate program and FSL course.

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