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Poppy Seager

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant working within the FMRIB Plasticity research group with Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg and Dr. Claire Sexton.

My research is part of a multi-centre pragmatic two-arm parallel-group randomised controlled trial funded by the National Institute for Health Research, AGE UK. We are combining magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques and cognitive psychology to examine how physical activity may help promote healthy ageing in the brain. Based at the Clinical Research and Imaging Centre (CRIC) Bristol, I use MRI techniques to investigate how a 12-month physical exercise intervention (the REACT study) affects the brain structure and function of older adults. This involves administering a battery of cognitive tests (targeted at global cognitive performance, executive function, attention, memory and processing speed), gait analyses, and a 3T MRI scan, including whole brain T1-weighted MRI, T2*-weighted MRI, diffusion weighted imaging and resting state functional MRI.